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How To Take Partial Screenshot With Selenium Webdriver In Python


How To Take Partial Screenshot With Selenium Webdriver In Python

Learn how to take partial screenshots with Selenium WebDriver in Python effortlessly. Our expert guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to help you master this essential skill.


In today’s digital age, automation is key to efficiency in software development and testing. Selenium WebDriver, a powerful automation tool, paired with Python, a versatile programming language, offers a robust solution for web testing and scraping. Capturing partial screenshots using Selenium WebDriver in Python is a valuable skill for quality assurance engineers, developers, and data scientists. This guide provides a comprehensive tutorial to help you harness the capabilities of Selenium WebDriver and Python to capture partial screenshots effortlessly.

Setting Up Your Environment

Before diving into capturing partial screenshots, ensure you have the necessary tools installed. Follow these steps to set up your environment:

Installing Selenium WebDriver

To install Selenium WebDriver in Python, you can use pip, Python’s package installer. Open your command line interface and execute the following command:

pip install selenium

Configuring Your IDE

Choose an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Python development. Popular choices include PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, and Jupyter Notebook. Configure your IDE according to your preferences for a seamless coding experience.

Downloading WebDriver

Download the WebDriver compatible with your preferred web browser. WebDriver acts as a bridge between Selenium WebDriver commands and the browser. Ensure you download the appropriate version for compatibility.

Initializing WebDriver and Navigating to the Desired Page

Once you have set up your environment, it’s time to initialize WebDriver and navigate to the webpage from which you want to capture partial screenshots.

Initializing WebDriver

Begin by importing the necessary modules in your Python script:

from selenium import webdriver

Next, initialize the WebDriver for your chosen browser:

driver = webdriver.Chrome() # Initialize Chrome WebDriver

Navigating to the Webpage

Use the get() method to navigate to the desired webpage:

driver.get("") # Replace with the URL of the webpage

Capturing Partial Screenshots

Capturing partial screenshots with Selenium WebDriver involves identifying the specific element on the webpage and capturing the screenshot of that element.

Locating the Element

Identify the element on the webpage that you want to capture. You can use various locators supported by Selenium WebDriver, such as ID, class name, XPath, or CSS selector.

element = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//div[@id='element_id']")

Capturing the Screenshot

Once you’ve located the element, use the screenshot() method to capture the screenshot of the element:



Congratulations! You’ve learned how to capture partial screenshots with Selenium WebDriver in Python. This valuable skill empowers you to automate visual testing and enhance your web development and testing workflows. Practice capturing partial screenshots on different webpages to master this technique effectively.


  • How can I capture a partial screenshot of a dynamic element?
    To capture a partial screenshot of a dynamic element, use WebDriverWait to ensure the element is fully loaded before taking the screenshot.

  • Can I capture partial screenshots of elements within iframes?
    Yes, you can capture partial screenshots of elements within iframes by switching to the iframe using WebDriver’s switch_to.frame() method before locating the element.

  • Is it possible to capture partial screenshots of elements with hover effects?
    Yes, you can capture partial screenshots of elements with hover effects by simulating the hover action using the ActionChains class in Selenium WebDriver.

  • How do I handle situations where the element is not immediately visible on the webpage?
    You can handle such situations by scrolling to the element using JavaScriptExecutor or using explicit waits to wait for the element to become visible.

  • Can I capture partial screenshots of elements across different browser windows or tabs?
    Yes, you can capture partial screenshots of elements across different browser windows or tabs by switching between windows or tabs using WebDriver’s window handling capabilities.

  • Are there any limitations to capturing partial screenshots with Selenium WebDriver?
    While Selenium WebDriver offers robust capabilities for capturing partial screenshots, limitations may arise in scenarios involving elements within shadow DOM or canvas elements.

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