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How To Get The Current Workbook Name In Excel

MS Excel

How To Get The Current Workbook Name In Excel

Learn how to efficiently retrieve the current workbook name in Excel with this comprehensive guide. Discover useful tips and tricks to make your Excel experience more convenient.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for and management. Often, users find themselves working on multiple workbooks simultaneously. In such scenarios, it becomes crucial to identify the current workbook to avoid any errors. In this article, we will explore various methods to get the current workbook name in Excel, ensuring a seamless experience. Let's dive in!

How To Get The Current Workbook Name In Excel

Microsoft Excel offers several methods to determine the name of the current workbook. Below, we've outlined the most effective techniques:

1. Using CELL Function

To retrieve the current workbook name in Excel, you can employ the CELL function. This method involves the following steps:

  • Select a cell in your worksheet.
  • Enter the formula =CELL("filename") in the formula bar.
  • Press Enter.

The CELL function will return the full path of the current workbook, including its name. You can then extract the workbook name using Excel's text functions.

2. VBA Macro

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) allows you to automate tasks in Excel. You can use a simple VBA macro to obtain the current workbook name. Here's how:

  • Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor.
  • Insert a new module.
  • Paste the following code:
Sub GetCurrentWorkbookName()
MsgBox ThisWorkbook.Name
End Sub
  • Close the VBA editor.
  • Run the macro by pressing Alt + F8 and selecting GetCurrentWorkbookName.

A message box will display the current workbook's name when you run the macro.

3. Formula Method

Another way to retrieve the current workbook name is by using a formula combined with Excel's built-in functions. Follow these steps:

  • In a cell, enter the formula:

This formula extracts the workbook name and displays it in the cell.

Frequently Asked Questions ()

How often do I need to retrieve the current workbook name in Excel?

The need to retrieve the current workbook name may vary based on your tasks. If you frequently switch between workbooks or need to reference the current workbook in your formulas, knowing how to retrieve its name can be very helpful.

Can I use VBA macros in Excel without any coding knowledge?

While it's beneficial to have some coding knowledge for VBA macros, you can find pre-written macros online and use them by following simple instructions. Learning the basics of VBA can enhance your Excel capabilities.

Are there any shortcuts for getting the current workbook name?

Excel provides no built-in keyboard shortcuts to directly retrieve the current workbook name. However, you can create custom shortcuts for macros to streamline the process.

Is it possible to get the current workbook name in Excel Online?

Unfortunately, Excel Online does not support VBA macros, limiting the methods available for retrieving the current workbook name. The CELL function and formula method may still be viable options in Excel Online.

Can I change the current workbook name?

Yes, you can change the name of the current workbook by clicking on the workbook's title at the top and typing a new name. Ensure you save your changes.

Are there any Excel add-ins that simplify this process?

Yes, there are Excel add-ins available that provide a user-friendly interface for retrieving the current workbook name and performing other tasks. Explore the Excel add-ins marketplace for options.


Knowing how to get the current workbook name in Excel is a valuable skill that can enhance your efficiency when working with multiple Excel files. Whether you prefer using Excel functions, VBA macros, or formulas, these methods will help you identify the current workbook with ease. Stay organized and make the most of your Excel experience.

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