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How Do I Get The Src Of An Image In Selenium


How Do I Get The Src Of An Image In Selenium

Selenium is a powerful automation tool used primarily for testing web applications. Its ability to mimic user interactions and simulate browser actions makes it indispensable for quality assurance professionals and developers alike. When working with web pages, images are essential components that often require manipulation and validation. In this article, we will explore the methods to retrieve the source of an image using Selenium.

Understanding Image Elements in Web Pages:

Before delving into retrieving image sources, it’s crucial to understand how images are represented in web pages. In HTML, images are typically defined using the <img> tag, with the src attribute specifying the image source. Selenium interacts with these elements to perform actions such as extraction or validation.

The Need for Getting the Source of an Image in Selenium:

In automated testing scenarios, verifying the presence and correctness of images is a common requirement. Whether it’s validating that the correct logo appears on a webpage or ensuring that product images load correctly, accessing the image source is essential for accurate testing.

Exploring Methods to Retrieve Image Source in Selenium:

There are several approaches to retrieve the source of an image in Selenium:

Using the get_attribute() Method:

One straightforward method is to use the get_attribute() function provided by Selenium. By targeting the image element and fetching its src attribute, we can obtain the image source.

Utilizing XPath to Locate Image Elements:

XPath expressions can be employed to locate specific elements on a web page, including images. By crafting XPath queries to pinpoint image elements, we can then extract their src attributes.

Employing CSS Selectors for Image Identification:

Similarly, CSS selectors offer a concise way to target elements in a webpage. By using appropriate selectors to identify image elements, we can retrieve their source URLs.

Code Examples for Retrieving Image Source:

# Python Selenium code example to retrieve image source
from selenium import webdriver

# Initialize the WebDriver
driver = webdriver.Chrome()

# Load the webpage

# Find the image element
image_element = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//img")

# Get the source attribute
image_source = image_element.get_attribute("src")

# Print the image source
print("Image Source:", image_source)

# Close the browser

Best Practices for Handling Images in Selenium Tests:

  • Ensure proper wait strategies to allow images to load before retrieval.
  • Implement robust error handling to deal with scenarios where images may not be present.
  • Regularly update locators to accommodate changes in the webpage structure.
  • Consider performance implications when dealing with large numbers of images.


Retrieving the source of an image in Selenium is a fundamental task in web automation and testing. By leveraging the methods discussed in this article, testers can effectively validate image presence and integrity in their automated tests, thereby enhancing the overall quality of web applications.


  1. Can Selenium retrieve images from external URLs?

    • Yes, Selenium can retrieve image sources from both internal and external URLs as long as they are accessible from the webpage being tested.
  2. Is it possible to validate image dimensions using Selenium?

    • While Selenium can retrieve image sources, validating dimensions typically requires additional image processing libraries or tools.
  3. How does Selenium handle image loading delays?

    • Selenium provides explicit and implicit wait mechanisms to handle various types of delays, including image loading. Testers can utilize these waits to ensure images are fully loaded before retrieval.
  4. Can Selenium interact with image elements, such as clicking on them?

    • Yes, Selenium can interact with image elements just like any other HTML element. Testers can perform actions such as clicking, hovering, or extracting attributes from image elements.
  5. Are there any limitations to retrieving image sources with Selenium?

    • Selenium’s ability to retrieve image sources is limited to what is available in the webpage’s DOM. If images are dynamically loaded or generated via JavaScript, additional techniques may be required for extraction.

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