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How Can We Have Multiple Virtuals Generated Columns In Mysql Table With Create Table Statement


How Can We Have Multiple Virtuals Generated Columns In Mysql Table With Create Table Statement

Learn how to create multiple virtual generated columns in MySQL tables with the CREATE TABLE statement. Discover step-by-step instructions and to enhance your SQL skills.

How Can We Have Multiple Virtuals Generated Columns In MySQL Table With CREATE TABLE Statement

In the world of database management, efficiency and flexibility are paramount. MySQL, one of the most popular relational database management systems, offers a powerful feature known as virtual generated columns. These columns provide dynamic data that can be computed from other columns, enhancing the versatility of your database. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how you can have multiple virtual generated columns in a MySQL table using the CREATE TABLE statement.

Introduction to Virtual Generated Columns

Virtual generated columns, also known as computed columns, are a valuable addition to MySQL's feature set. They allow you to define columns in a table that derive their values based on expressions or functions applied to other columns within the same table. These columns are computed on-the-fly when queried, eliminating the need to manually update data.

The for Creating Virtual Generated Columns

To create virtual generated columns in MySQL, you need to use the GENERATED clause within the CREATE TABLE statement. Here's the basic :

CREATE TABLE table_name (
column1 datatype,
column2 datatype,
-- Define virtual generated columns here
virtual_column1 datatype GENERATED ALWAYS AS (expression1) VIRTUAL,
virtual_column2 datatype GENERATED ALWAYS AS (expression2) VIRTUAL
  • table_name: The name of the table you are creating.
  • column1, column2: Regular columns in your table.
  • virtual_column1, virtual_column2: Virtual generated columns you want to add.
  • datatype: The data type for each column.
  • expression1, expression2: The expressions or functions used to calculate the values of virtual columns.

Benefits of Virtual Generated Columns

  1. Data Integrity: Virtual generated columns ensure that data remains consistent and accurate since their values are automatically computed.
  2. Storage Optimization: Since virtual columns are not physically stored, they save storage space in your database.
  3. : They enhance query by reducing the need for complex calculations in your queries.
  4. Simplified Data Management: Virtual columns streamline data management, reducing the need for manual updates.

Creating Multiple Virtual Generated Columns

Let's delve into creating multiple virtual generated columns in a MySQL table with the CREATE TABLE statement. We'll use a practical example to illustrate this process.

Consider a scenario where you want to create a table to store product information. You want to calculate the total price of each product, factoring in the quantity and unit price. Additionally, you want to compute the sales tax for each product based on its total price.

Here's how you can achieve this:

CREATE TABLE products (
product_id INT PRIMARY KEY,
product_name VARCHAR(255),
quantity INT,
unit_price DECIMAL(10, 2),
-- Create virtual generated columns for total price and sales tax
total_price DECIMAL(10, 2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS (quantity * unit_price) VIRTUAL,
sales_tax DECIMAL(10, 2) GENERATED ALWAYS AS (total_price * 0.10) VIRTUAL

In this example:

  • total_price is calculated as the product of quantity and unit_price.
  • sales_tax is calculated as 10% of the total_price.

Now, whenever you insert or update a product's quantity or unit price, MySQL will automatically compute the total_price and sales_tax for you.

How many virtual generated columns can I add to a MySQL table?

You can add as many virtual generated columns as your database design requires. However, keep in mind that excessive virtual columns may affect query performance, so it's essential to strike a balance.

Can I update the values of virtual generated columns?

No, virtual generated columns are read-only. Their values are computed based on expressions or functions and cannot be directly modified.

Do virtual generated columns consume storage space?

No, virtual generated columns do not consume physical storage space. They are computed on-the-fly when queried, saving storage resources.

Can I use virtual generated columns in WHERE clauses?

Yes, you can use virtual generated columns in WHERE clauses just like regular columns. MySQL will optimize the query execution.

Are virtual generated columns supported in all MySQL versions?

Virtual generated columns are supported in MySQL 5.7 and later versions.

What are some common use cases for virtual generated columns?

Virtual generated columns are useful for calculating derived values, such as total prices, percentages, or concatenated strings. They streamline data management in scenarios where calculated values are frequently used.


Mastering the art of creating multiple virtual generated columns in a MySQL table with the CREATE TABLE statement can significantly improve your database management skills. These columns provide real-time calculations, enhance data integrity, and simplify data maintenance. By following the syntax and examples outlined in this guide, you can unlock the full potential of virtual generated columns in your MySQL databases.

Enhance your database efficiency and take advantage of this powerful feature to streamline your data management processes. Now, you have the knowledge and tools to create dynamic, responsive MySQL tables with ease.

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